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We are an active worldwide community of men and women involved in encountering, elucidating, and ending social ills and injustices by infusing our Christian faith and spiritual practices into the neighborhoods, cities, regions, and countries in which we live, work, worship, socialize, and serve. You can join us by:

• sharing and posting a book, article, paper, document, web site, blog, entry, video, photo, movies, music, paintings, etc about a spiritual practice, social reformer, organization, or group that helped you, and/or inspired you, to work with others to solve social struggles and to adopt or develop spiritual practices.
You are also highly encouraged to share your own publications and mediums.

• sharing and posting recent or past cases, conditions, or circumstances that have influenced social ills and struggles in your communities that may elicit responses from other urban monks that focus on ways to help solve social struggles and/or adopt or develop spiritual practices to do so.
You may also want to respond to other urban monks who share and post similar cases, conditions, or circumstances.

Thus, the web site provides opportunities for urban monks to support one another with spiritual practices and social solutions that were learned, or learning, from others and/or through our own experiences to help each other bring healing and transformation amidst injurious and ill-fated incidents that have suddenly created or exacerbated seemingly intractable social conditions.

You may want to join and just learn!

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Essential commitments for the Society of Urban Monks include nurturing a private relationship with God, cultivating a public relationship with God and others, solving social struggles, and caring for yourself and those closest to you by preventing burnout.

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We welcome men and women from all Christian denominations to join our community. Share your rule of life with us and join the experience!

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